Finishes Work - Hospitals    
Sheere Zedek – Corona Building    

The Corona building is an extension of Shaare Zedek Hospital on the roofs of the 3rd and 4th floors. The structure is a light steel structure built from a Mitech construction.

Content of the work in the project: Deaf frameworks of construction and cladding, aluminum, craftsman frames, plaster and sealing.

 Shaare Zedek Hospital Expansion Project    

Shaare Zedek Hospital expansion project - including construction of a 7-story underground parking lot with about 800 parking spaces. In addition, construction of a 6-story underground radiotherapy building, which includes treatment, hospitalization, offices and conference rooms, protected shelter and water reservoirs. In addition, the radiotherapy building includes two commercial floors above ground.

Contents of the project: concrete work, construction, sealing, plaster, painting, drainage, aluminum &steel work, artisan carpentry, development, earthworks, elevators, plumbing and electrical systems, electricity and communications.

 Schneider Hospital    
Construction of an innovative hospital building at Schneider Hospital. Construction of skeleton, finishes and building systems including complex medical systems including gases, laboratory rooms, operating rooms and dialysis rooms.    

Rambam Hospital – Haifa Israel




Rambam Hospital - hospital building construction totaling 150,000 meters, including production and installation of special systems needed for the hospital. OG Engineering managed the quality of the production and installation of equipment, equipment operation and delivery of project.


  Levinstien Hospital –Israel

   Loewenstein Hospital
 Loewenstein Hospital - construction of a new hospital building, including skeletal structure, installation of specialized gas systems for hospitals, first aid measures and finishing works.  


Askelon Hospital –Israel


Ashkelon - Professional Clinic for Clalit Health Fund.

A structure with 3 floors, that will serve as a Professional Clinic 

one of its many services is an advanced X-ray facility.

   Ashkelon - Professional Clinic for Clalit Health Fund