Sheere Zedek – Corona Building    

The Corona building is an extension of Shaare Zedek Hospital on the roofs of the 3rd and 4th floors. The structure is a light steel structure built from a Mitech construction.

Content of the work in the project: Deaf frameworks of construction and cladding, aluminum, craftsman frames, plaster and sealing.




Weizmann Institute -  New chemistry building    

Construction of a new chemistry building for the Weitzman Institute

The building is divided into two wings: de Loro and Kryon. The two wings have a common basement with 4 floors, a separate entrance structure and 7 upper floors

Contents of the work: excavation, dipping, foundation, skeleton, finishing work, development, clean rooms, shading, furniture and systems.




The Discount Campus Project    
The Discount Campus project located in Rishon Lezion in the Alef complex. The project spans 20 dunams with 4 floors, 2 common floors for commerce and catering and 3 elevated towers with 10 floors each for the Discount Mercantile Group and ICC.  
 Shaare Zedek Hospital Expansion Project    

Shaare Zedek Hospital expansion project - including construction of a 7-story underground parking lot with about 800 parking spaces. In addition, construction of a 6-story underground radiotherapy building, which includes treatment, hospitalization, offices and conference rooms, protected shelter and water reservoirs. In addition, the radiotherapy building includes two commercial floors above ground.

Contents of the project: concrete work, construction, sealing, plaster, painting, drainage, aluminum &steel work, artisan carpentry, development, earthworks, elevators, plumbing and electrical systems, electricity and communications.




 Schneider Hospital    
Construction of an innovative hospital building at Schneider Hospital. Construction of skeleton, finishes and building systems including complex medical systems including gases, laboratory rooms, operating rooms and dialysis rooms.    
 1000 Complex Rishon Lezion    

Implementation of the Lake Park Management and Services Center and the 1000 Complex Rishon Lezion complex, which includes concrete work, systems, development work and other works.

The building includes offices and conference rooms and a large showroom for marketing buildings and projects located in the 1000 Complex in Rishon Le Zion.

The building is divided into half of concrete and half of steel construction.  The showroom is built as a steel and outer capsule covered with LED lights and screens, including a simulation of the 1000 Complex model through 3D printing.  The building is partially covered with insulated panel panels and screen





Ofer Prison Project


The project includes a new main building of two floors and an energy center.

   Ofer Prison Project

Ofer Prison Project


Ofer Prison Project



Recreation & Sports Center, Modiin Maccabim Reut    

The project includes:

  • Construction of a recreation and sports structure on an area of 3,300 square meters
  • External water bodies with an area of 1,100 m²
  • Development work on an area of 9,000 square meters
  • Parking for 500 vehicles, including a parking lot for 4 buses

The works include work in the areas of dirt, concrete, sanitation, development and gardening, electricity and lighting, air conditioning, pool systems, steel, aluminum, waterproofing and finishing.




The National Library    

Structure of the National Library, planed by the internationally known architect - Herzog de Meron Office.

The project is located in Block 31323, plot 18, Kaplan St., opposite the Knesset building, Jerusalem.

The building will include five underground floors with an area of about 29,300 sq. meters, most of the underground space will be an automated warehouse for books, as well as underground parking lots, technical rooms and spaces, offices, study spaces and a special rock storage space for the Rock Store air conditioning system.

Six upper floors (partial floors above the land) with an area of about 16,700 sq. meters.  The above areas will include an exhibition space, study spaces, an atrium and more. Total of about 46,000 square meters. Extensive development areas.

The work commencement order was received on 15/07/2018, the duration of the project is planned for a 36 months execution.

  The National Library
The National Library   The National Library
The National Library  
Southern Suburb    

It includes 46 types of buildings of various sizes (up to 4 floors) such as residential, storage, office, auditorium, firing range, synagogue, kitchen, energy structure, sports field and gym.

In addition, the project includes elevators, protected spaces, landscape development works, earthworks, internal roads and parking, electrical work and plumbing.

  Southern Suburb
Teva’s New Campus in Raanana    

Project location: near the North Raanana Junction, Dolev Street 4 Ra'anana industrial zone.

Scope of the project: over a billion ₪.

Expected area size: over 150,000 square meters. 

Teva’ new headquarters campus: a spacious compound to be used exclusively for the companies’ R&D offices and laboratories, on land owned by Teva and the in line with the company's vision.

The intention is to design and establish a unique complex, inspiring, encouraging creativity and allowing freedom of movement, openness, transparency, quality of life and maximum comfort. The campus design will reflect and will express in a structured and integral part of the complex architecture of the corporate culture and branding of Teva.

The campus of Teva will enable the existence of advanced working environments, adapted to strengthen collaboration between employees, strengthening the sense of belonging and their identification with the place and the company.  Campus offices and laboratories of R & D unit of the complex nature constitute qualities, reflecting the company. The complex will express an appropriate both the past and the heritage of Teva and the future of the company through a system of intelligent buildings, the most appropriate advanced technologies while avoiding the signs of ostentation.

   Teva Campus
         Teva New Campus work    Teva New Campus work


Office building – 30,000 sqm Lod, Israel

  בנין משרדים בלוד


The planned project is the construction of an office building for Israel Railways. The project is for an area of about 30,000 square meters, a building of typical office floor plans of about 2,200 square meters and development work around the office building and parking lots. OG Engineering will manage the quality control system for the contractor.



Rambam Hospital – Haifa Israel





Rambam Hospital - hospital building construction totaling 150,000 meters, including production and installation of special systems needed for the hospital. OG Engineering managed the quality of the production and installation of equipment, equipment operation and delivery of project.



 Levinstien Hospital –Israel

   Loewenstein Hospital
 Loewenstein Hospital - construction of a new hospital building, including skeletal structure, installation of specialized gas systems for hospitals, first aid measures and finishing works.  


Askelon Hospital –Israel


Ashkelon - Professional Clinic for Clalit Health Fund.

A structure with 3 floors, that will serve as a Professional Clinic 

one of its many services is an advanced X-ray facility.

   Ashkelon - Professional Clinic for Clalit Health Fund




Office building  - Beer Sheva, Israel

Beer Sheva - Train facility structure for the Israeli railway company,

The project is composed out of a number of buildings and structures.

The whole purpose of this project is to provide services for trains,

form preserving day to day treatments to fueling and even cleaning and washing this facility will take care of any train.






 Beer Sheva - Train facility structure    Beer Sheva - Train facility structure



Natania Stadium, Natania Israel     
Netanya Stadium - the establishment of an urban soccer stadium in Netanya, which includes the construction of a stadium building, bleachers, VIP section, restaurants, changing rooms, and a grass soccer field. Integration of complex construction projects, systems, electricity and finishing works, as well as decorative lighting.  


Office building – Ashdod, Israel


Ashdod office building - an office building with two floors, including elevator, security rooms, meeting rooms and offices. The building is designed for the Israel Water Authority and Mekorot (the National Water System).

   Ashdod office building

 Ashdod office building