Genesis Turbine Farm    

Genesis turbine farm is located in the eastern part of the Golan Heights.

The planned power of turbine farms at the grid connection point will be up to 189.9 megawatts.


Genesis Farm will include the following main parts:

The work in the area of ​​the turbine farm will include the construction of concrete foundations for turbines, crane lifts, crane assembly areas, turbine parts storage areas and a road network between the turbines.

 • 39 turbines with rated power up to 5.3 megawatts.

• High-voltage cable collection system

• Jonathan sub-station            

•  Yehudiya sub-station

• Infrastructure for radars and birdwatchers

• Measuring masts

• Other infrastructure / temporary areas.

Power Plant – Beer Tuvia, Israel    

IPM Beer Tuvia” is an essential national infrastructure project, taking a significant part in Israel’s energy revolution, in creating a competitive market that will produce cheaper and cleaner electricity. The power plant will receive and consume Israeli gas and will produce 451 megawatts of electricity (about 3.5% of Israel’s electricity consumption) with the highest efficiency and availability.





The electricity will be sold to the IEC (Israel Electric Corporation) and to end-user clients, with tariffs cheaper than average market prices. Thus IPM will significantly contribute to the regional and nationwide economy, as well as strengthening Israel’s security and energetic independence.

Construction costs are about 2 billion ILS, construction began in 2018, and commercial electricity production is expected by the end of 2020.

  Power Plant – Zafit, Israel    
The plant, a power and switching station of Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) is situated is being built is being built on agricultural land located at Tzafit North.

Two 417MW combined cycle units will be constructed, the combined cycle units are based on a single-shaft configuration. Each unit contains a combined cycle gas turbine steam turbine, generator and heat recovery steam generator.

 Power Plant – Zafit, Israel  

Solar Panels - India Solar Field



Solar Panels - India

Project management for a Solar Panels Project  in India ( $ 150 million). The project includes production of iron constructions in China, quality control on production and project execution in an isolated area with no easy access.  
PRMS - Pressure Reducing and Metering Station  


OG Engineering has been involved in many PRMS stations, Gas major pipeline, and Gas distribution pipelines as well as few implementation in combine cycle power plants.



Hiria Site - Israel

    Hiria Site

The Dan Towns Association (Sanitation and Waste Disposal) is performing infrastructure securing, as part of the construction of a RDF facility in the Hiria Site.

   Hiria Site

Pneumatic Pipeline Project -  Ra’anana, Israel


The project scope includes preparatory work on an underground waste collection infrastructure in the Naveh Zemer Neighborhood.

The project includes, among other things digging deep trenches and covering the pipes with sand as detailed in the plan for laying and connecting pipes and ditches.


  Pneumatic Pipeline Project -  Ra’anana, Israel
Pneumatic Pipeline Project -  Ra’anana, Israel   Pneumatic Pipeline Project -  Ra’anana, Israel

Pumped Storage Power Plant, Agira Sheuva

A hydroelectric power station that pumps water from a high-level to a low-level reservoir through an underground turbine installed in a 10-story structure. Produces about 300 megawatts of electricity. In times of excess electricity, the turbine becomes a pump that shifts the water back to the upper reservoir to be used again when needed. This is an efficient way to store and produce electricity on a large scale and meet demand as needed. Being the first project of its kind in Israel, it presented unique challenges in systems integration, communications and logistics.

Location: Mount Gilboa

   Pumped Storage Power Plant, Agira Sheuva
 Pumped Storage Power Plant, Agira Sheuva    Pumped Storage Power Plant, Agira Sheuva
 Pumped Storage Power Plant, Agira Sheuva    Pumped Storage Power Plant, Agira Sheuva