Ashdod Port - Ashdod    

 Israel Ports Company tendered works to build the port south  by NIS 3.3 billion.

The works include construction of a working quay, extension of the existing main breakwater by 600 meters, constructing 1,500 meters of secondary breakwaters, constructing quays, with a main quay 800 meters in length and a 17.3 meter depth of water, constructing storage and operating areas, and dredging.




Water Pipe Jacking - Ashdod


Water pipe jacking ASHDOD


Water jacking management including production process: defining the required tests for the manufacturing plants piping, holding preliminary meetings with the factory, auditing production and labeling. In additionת performing, tracking and closing open issues of defects during plants manufacturing, controlling the protocols of storage and maintenance for equipment used at the site, writing a test protocol for water jacking, performing experimental and control sections of pipe jacking procedure and high level supervision.


Water Treatment Plant - Conakry Guinea


Water treatment plant_Conkary Guinea


A treatment facility for contaminated river water, allowing the production of drinking water through primary and secondary treatment, and the supply of power that is appropriate for this facility.

Due to the fact that the project was implemented in Africa, the planning was executed in accordance with the ‘IKEA method’, while taking into consideration every detail of the execution, since a lack of details at the site might significantly delay the project.



Water Delivery Pipes - Conakry Guinea  

Water Delivery Pipes Conakry Guinea


Main pipeline, 5 km in length, passing village centers and providing water to local residents.  
Pumping Station – Natania, Israel    

Pumping Station, Netanya - Setting up a sewage - pumping station to concentrate wastewater coming from the newly established neighborhood - the station included the construction of slurry walls, and the quality degrading of sea water.



  Pumping Station  Natania Israel
Wastewater Treatment Plant- Ashdod    

Managing the establishment and expansion of the wastewater treatment  facility. Including the construction of a waste reception facility, centrifuges for the processing of wastewater, water storage pool for after the cleaning process, from which the water is then transferred for agricultural use.

   Wastewater treatment plant - Ashdod
Lahat Desalination Plant   Desalination Project LAHAT

To provide the State of Israel with sustainable additional water supply resource located in a designated location adjacent Ashdod Israel. Design, construction, supply, installation, commissioning and maintain seawater reverse osmosis desalination Facility in order to deliver drinking water to the State. To produce through the Facility, drinking water in quantities of 7,000,000 m3 (cubic).

Water Delivery Pipes – Lod, Israel   TBD

Design and construction management of infrastructure for new neighborhood in Lod. The neighborhood contains 30,000 residents and several municipal buildings.   

The project focus was to coordinate and synchronize neighborhood spanning infrastructures to enable optimized implementation and prevent any damage caused by conflicting of infrastructure.


Sewage Delivery Pipes – Tel Aviv, Israel

  Sewage Delivery Pipes  Tel Aviv Israel
Unique pipe jacking work to enable the construction of sewage pipe in a dense municipal environment.   
Portable unit supply & installation    
OG Engineering designs, manufactures, and commissions advanced mobile water purification units. The units provide a constant supply of safe drinking water in areas where reliable supply is absent or disrupted. Nirosoft’s mobile units can produce drinking water from almost any source including sea water, surface water, and brackish ground water.

Mobile units also provide a reliable supply of fresh drinking water for troops deployed in the field, isolated communities, or mining sites. The WPUs provide a complete system - from feed pump to treated water storage tank. The self-powered units, each with a built - in generator, can be mounted on trailers for easy transport over difficult terrain or transported by helicopter.

Quick and easy to set up with limited manpower (1-2 people) , the mobile units are up and running in twenty minutes. A sturdy stainless canopy provides protection from the elements. Produced water meets stringent World Health Organization (WHO) drinking water quality guidelines.

Systems are utilized by relief agencies, municipal and national emergency aid agencies, police forces, and the military.

  Portable unit supply  installation
Netanya - Breakwater    

12 breakwaters will be erected along the shores of Netanya. The purpose of this project is to prevent the collapse of the coastal cliff, a dozen breakwaters will be erected off the shores of Crimson and Sironit, and the coastal strip will be fed with sand for expansion.

The works will last about 4 and a half years. The purpose of the project: to address the problem of the collapse of the cliff in Netanya

Sewage Pumping Station -Ashdod    

The project : Building A pumping Station 100 meters from the sea beside a new neighborhood which supposed to be constructed in Ashdod

The project includes the following elements: Slurry Walls, Dewatering groundwater, and installation of electro mechanical equipment's included control system.



  Sewage Pumping Station -Ashdod  
 Sewage Pumping Station -Ashdod